South Carolina School District Rankings

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South Carolina School District Rankings

Rank (of 73)District# Students# Ranked Elementary Schools# Ranked Middle Schools# Ranked High SchoolsRank score*
1York 04107427420.922
2York 0266156210.874
3Anderson 0192757320.848
4Anderson 0236592210.824
5Clarendon 0312231000.815
6Spartanburg 0151004120.800
7Spartanburg 0428601110.780
8Dorchester 022334612630.758
9Spartanburg 0299693320.737
10Lexington 051656012130.731

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Source:  National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and South Carolina State Department of Education

* Rank score is determined by averaging the ranks of the individual schools within each district. For more information, see our Ranking FAQ.

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