About SchoolDigger.com

Our mission

SchoolDigger.com was founded in 2006 to serve one purpose: to empower parents like you to make informed choices about choosing a school for your child. Our database contains detailed profiles for over 136,000 schools in every state in the US, including 20 years of enrollment data, several years of test scores, crime data, real estate data, and everything our team hopes is useful in helping you make better school choices.

But all this data can be overwhelming -- that's why our core mission is to make SchoolDigger.com the easiest, most useful school search and comparison site on the Web. We do our best to ensure that our site is easy to use, easy to navigate, and our data as up-to-date as possible.

100% Free

Our site is, and always will be, free of charge. Other sites will give away some content for free and offer "premium" content for a fee. We strongly believe that all school information should be available to anyone who wants to view it. We are supported by advertising revenue.


SchoolDigger.com is a service of Claarware LLC.

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