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For over 18 years, SchoolDigger has been the go-to source of detailed K-12 school data and has served millions of families and educators. Our commitment to delivering accurate and comprehensive school data has made us a reliable partner in the search for a quality education for your child.

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SchoolDigger is always first to bring new school metrics to you

Throughout the year SchoolDigger retrieves data from state education agencies, including test scores and other performance metrics. We post this data, along with our exclusive school rankings, hours after it's made available. This quick turnaround sets us apart from other school ranking sites, which may take months or even years to update their data. With SchoolDigger, you're always at the forefront with the latest school performance metrics.

SchoolDigger is the only site with 20+ years of historical school performance data

While other K-12 school websites provide a brief overview of current performance, SchoolDigger stands apart by offering over 20 years of comprehensive historical data. This extensive timeline allows for an accurate evaluation of a school's performance over the years, presenting a fuller and more detailed picture of its track record.

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SchoolDigger's data fuels the internet

Numerous websites rely on SchoolDigger data to power their school data needs. Our data is used by real estate websites, school choice sites, and other education-related sites. We power Money Magazine's Best Places to Live. We supply test score data for the The Education Recovery Scorecard, a joint project of the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University and the Educational Opportunity Project as Stanford University. If you're interested in using SchoolDigger data for your own project, please take a look at our SchoolDigger API or contact us.

SchoolDigger has unprecedented search tools

Our search tools are unmatched on the internet, featuring advanced map-based functionality. With SchoolDigger, you can search for schools by location, gaining insights into district and school attendance zones, rankings, and a wealth of other crucial information.

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