Best Public Schools in Zip Code 84107


The 84107 zip code area in Utah is home to 10 schools, including 6 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 1 high school, and 2 alternative schools, spread across the Murray District and Granite District. While the schools vary in their academic performance, a few standouts emerge, such as McMillan School, a highly-ranked elementary school in the Murray District, and Liberty School, another strong performer in the same district. The data also reveals significant differences in student demographics, with some schools serving more diverse and economically disadvantaged populations, like James E. Moss School, compared to others that are more homogeneous.

The test scores across the schools in the 84107 zip code area vary widely, with some institutions, such as McMillan and Liberty, demonstrating strong academic performance, while others, like James E. Moss and Parkside School, have lower proficiency rates. The spending per student also differs, ranging from $7,788 at Longview School to $10,200 at Murray High. Additionally, the student-teacher ratios vary significantly, from 8.5 students per teacher at Granite Connection High to 53 students per teacher at Early Childhood Center.

The presence of two alternative schools, Utah Virtual Academy and Granite Connection High, provides a unique contrast to the traditional brick-and-mortar schools in the area. These alternative institutions serve diverse student populations and offer valuable insights into different approaches to education. Overall, the data highlights the significant variations in school performance, student demographics, and resource allocation within the 84107 zip code, which could inform discussions around educational equity and the factors that contribute to school success.

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SchoolDigger data sources: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Utah State Board of Education.

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