College Park High School

Public 9-12

 3701 College Park Dr
       The Woodlands, TX  77384

 (936) 709-3000

District: Conroe Independent School District

SchoolDigger Rank:
175th of 1,692 Texas High Schools

Student/Teacher Ratio:  17.2
Number of students:  2,794

Racial breakdown:

Free/Discounted Lunch Recipients:  13.3%

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Updated Thursday, October 6, 2016, based on the 2015-16 school year test scores.

Performance Trends
Compare Details In 2016, College Park High School ranked better than 89.7% of high schools in Texas. It also ranked 2nd among 6 ranked high schools in the Conroe Independent School District. (See more...)
Compare Details In 2016 the calculated Average Standard Score was 76.68. (See more...)
Student Body
Compare Details Racial makeup is: White (62.5%), Hispanic (20%), Asian (7.6%). (See more...)
Compare Details 13.3% of students are receiving a free or discounted lunch. (See more...)
Compare Details The student/teacher ratio at College Park High School is 17.2. 4 high schools in the Conroe Independent School District have better student/teacher ratios. (See more...)
Compare College Park High School employs 162 full-time teachers.
Map and boundary of College Park High School
Schooldigger 2016 Rankings:

College Park High School:

SchoolDigger ranks College Park High School 175th of 1692 Texas public high schools. (See College Park High School in the ranking list.)

Conroe Independent School District:

SchoolDigger ranks Conroe Independent School District 200th of 932 Texas school districts. (See district ranking list.)

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Rank History for College Park High School

Year Avg Standard Score Statewide Rank Total # Ranked High Schools TX State Percentile SchoolDigger Rating
2007 83.38 84th 1492 94.4% 5 star ranking
2008 84.41 68th 1509 95.5% 5 star ranking
2009 81.86 93rd 1542 94.0% 5 star ranking
2010 77.23 146th 1572 90.7% 5 star ranking
2011 75.63 204th 1674 87.8% 4 star ranking
2012 77.49 125th 1599 92.2% 5 star ranking
2013 80.82 106th 1646 93.6% 5 star ranking
2014 76.92 195th 1704 88.6% 4 star ranking
2015 78.19 142nd 1694 91.6% 5 star ranking
2016 76.68 175th 1692 89.7% 4 star ranking

Test score data source: test scores: Texas Education Agency, rankings:

College Park High School Test Scores


Test score data source: Texas Education Agency

About the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness End of Course: Beginning in spring 2012, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) will replace the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). The STAAR program at grades 3–8 will assess the same subjects and grades that are currently assessed on TAKS. At high school, however, grade-specific assessments will be replaced with 12 end-of-course (EOC) assessments: Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II, biology, chemistry, physics, English I, English II, English III, world geography, world history, and U.S. history.

Source: STAAR Resources, Texas Education Agency

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by a student
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open Quote DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT!!!! let your child attend The Woodlands College Park High School. The administration are very ignorant, unhelpful, and have attitudes when talking to students. They have made me personally jump through hoops to solve a simple problem, or concern. Send your kid/kids to The Woodlands High School instead! Close Quote

by a student
Sunday, May 7, 2017

Open Quote College Park is the best school that I've gone to because they're very friendly and they're not as competitive as the Woodlands High school. I've made a lot of great friends that go there. If you're trying to find a good high school for your children choose College Park we'd love to have them. Close Quote

by a student
Saturday, July 21, 2012

Open Quote There are a lot of things that this school is doing right, after all violent incidents are virtually non-existent, but there are some things that do bring up questioning. I wouldn't say that this is a "rich school", but I can surely sy that it is very well funded, an my main experience in this school has shown me that the school only considers one category important when it comes to funding... that is sports, or more specifically, football.

Let me start off by saying I just finished my senior year at college park, and one of the classes I took this year was economics. The textbooks which are distributed are dreadful, there are a few newer copies, but not enough to go around, and the learning environment suffers. I've been taking German all four years, and I also noted a severe neglect to that department. We've received many honors and awards, and have never received any sort any sort of funding, or in the very least support from the administration. There were always severe moments of frustration when it came to competition season, seeing as the organization has to raise the money itself, the school sometimes hesitated to let us have access TO OUR OWN RAISED FUNDING.

And no, those aren't the only departments, those were but a few examples. The theater department is neglected, as is the orchestra, the band, and the choir, they've all developed methods to fend for themselves, but there is a serious lack of support from the administration, and at multiple instances they stood as unnecessary roadblocks hindering the creative development of the students. The administrations negative behavior towards the art departments is always very apparent, and students do take note of it.

Lastly, the education truly is top notch, but that's not what high school is all about. High school is all about experience, and if there's one thing the administration at this school doesn't understand, it's that they need to support creativity and extracurricular activities (besides their beloved football). There are so many clubs and organizations that have amazing potential to bring out the best in students and help them find who they are, but if the administration continues to neglect, and in some cases hinder these groups, they'll find their students drawing back and losing interest.

Note: I just wanted to add in one last thing. In the school year 2009/2010 a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club was formed despite the administrations PROTESTS (they believed that the club would bring disruption somehow). The administration did not allow the club to participate in any school sanctioned events, as they believed it created a negative image on the school. Come the next school year, they managed to pull an excuse as to why the club had to be canceled. IT'S THINGS LIKE THIS. Close Quote

by a student
Friday, October 22, 2010

Open Quote It is an amazing looking school, not to mention, A LOT of funding and technology, but a many of the teachers are biased, some racist, and some don't even really seem qualified. The worst is the administration, considering the school system is too unbalanced, and half the principles (No names included) are mindless, power hungry, insecure people, and with the Texas education system (Not too bright), the school is run like a social communism. The school also gets away with too many unlawful acts and no one does a thing because they are not even aware of what they can do. Welcome to the Woodlands... Close Quote

Enrollment information for College Park High School

Year White African American Asian Hispanic American Indian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Not Specified Total
2005 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
2006 1400 116 87 224 7 n/a n/a 0 1834
2007 1881 128 127 300 12 n/a n/a 0 2448
2008 1952 136 154 319 11 n/a n/a 0 2572
2009 1882 145 162 343 12 n/a n/a 0 2544
2010 1856 145 152 359 17 n/a n/a 0 2529
2011 1699 128 159 489 16 8 70 0 2569
2012 1670 118 156 511 13 9 69 0 2546
2013 1688 136 172 554 10 6 69 0 2635
2014 1706 154 203 542 13 7 70 0 2695
2015 1747 177 211 559 19 8 73 0 2794

Test score data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Enrollment/Ethnicity
For more information about how the Department of Education defines ethnicity, see Defining Race and Ethnicity Data, National Center for Education Statistics

Students eligible for free or discounted lunch at College Park High School

Year # Students Fulltime Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2005 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2006 1834 112.9 16.2 11.2
2007 2448 141.5 17.3 7.6
2008 2572 150.8 17.1 7.9
2009 2544 159.0 16.0 9.6
2010 2529 155.9 16.2 11.3
2011 2569 156.4 16.4 13.4
2012 2546 153.3 16.5 13.3
2013 2635 153.5 17.1 12.6
2014 2695 155.2 17.3 12.4
2015 2794 162.0 17.2 13.3

Test score data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Students eligible for discounted/free lunch
For information about the National School Lunch Program, see the FRAC Website

Student/Teacher Ratio College Park High School

Year # Students Fulltime Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2005 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2006 1834 112.9 16.2 11.2
2007 2448 141.5 17.3 7.6
2008 2572 150.8 17.1 7.9
2009 2544 159.0 16.0 9.6
2010 2529 155.9 16.2 11.3
2011 2569 156.4 16.4 13.4
2012 2546 153.3 16.5 13.3
2013 2635 153.5 17.1 12.6
2014 2695 155.2 17.3 12.4
2015 2794 162.0 17.2 13.3

Test score data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Student-Teacher Ratio
Student/teacher ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers. Please note that a smaller student/teacher ratio does not necessarily translate to smaller class size. In some instances, schools hire teachers part time, and some teachers are hired for specialized instruction with very small class sizes. These and other factors contribute to the student/teacher ratio. Note: For private schools, Student/teacher ratio may not include Pre-Kindergarten.

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