Indiana Elementary School Rankings

3rd, 4th Grades Combined
ISTEP+ English/Language Arts & ISTEP+ Math
Rank (of 1013)
SchoolDistrictCityLow GradeHigh GradeTotal students (2012)Student/ Teacher Ratio (2012)ISTEP+, avg Math (2013)ISTEP+, avg English/Language Arts (2013)ISTEP+ CombinedRank Change From 2012
1Merle Sidener Gifted AcademyIndianapolis Public SchoolsIndianapolis020830812.3100.0100.0200.0
1Otwell Elementary SchoolPike County School CorpOtwellPK0518912.6100.0100.0200.0
3Northview Elementary SchoolValparaiso Community SchoolsValparaisoKG0532118.898.9100.0198.9
4Dwight D Eisenhower Elementary SchoolCrown Point Community School CorpCrown PointKG0548814.798.899.5198.3
5Northpoint Elementary SchoolPenn-Harris-Madison School CorpGrangerKG0558218.498.599.5198.0
6Kouts Elementary SchoolEast Porter County School CorpKoutsKG0542318.397.8100.0197.8
6Union Elementary SchoolZionsville Community SchoolsZionsvilleKG0440718.099.598.3197.8
8Brentwood Elementary SchoolPlainfield Community School CorpPlainfieldKG0350620.699.298.5197.7N/A
9Centerton Elementary SchoolM S D Martinsville SchoolsMartinsvilleKG0523413.998.498.4196.8
10Smoky Row Elementary SchoolCarmel Clay SchoolsCarmelPK0572420.997.398.8196.1

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About SchoolDigger rankings
  • Ranking updates are approximately yearly, usually the same day the Indiana Dept of Education releases their test scores. Last update for Indiana was December 17, 2013.
  • Rankings are available for all Indiana public elementary, middle, and high schools that have published ISTEP+ scores for the latest year. See the Ranking FAQ for more information about how ranks schools.
  • Rank is determined by adding each school's average ISTEP+ Math score with the average ISTEP+ English/Language Arts score to form a combined average score. The school with the highest combined score is ranked #1.
  • The values used in the ISTEP+ columns are % passed.
  • Source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and Indiana Dept of Education

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