Waterford Montessori Academy

Public, Charter PK, KG-7

 4860 Midland Ave
       Waterford, MI  48329-1743

 (248) 674-2400

District: Waterford Montessori Academy

SchoolDigger Rank:
1015th of 1,407 Michigan Elementary Schools

Student/teacher ratio:  17.1
Number of students:  253

Racial breakdown:

Two or more races:

Free/discounted lunch recipients:  28.9%

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We updated the 2018-19 rankings and test scores for this school on Thursday, September 5, 2019.

Performance Trends
Compare Details In 2019, Waterford Montessori Academy ranked worse than 72.1% of elementary schools in Michigan. (See more...)
Compare Details In 2019 the calculated Average Standard Score was 27.33. (See more...)
Student Body
Compare Details Racial makeup is: White (87.4%), two or more races (5.5%), Hispanic (4.7%). (See more...)
Compare Details 28.9% of students are receiving a free or discounted lunch. (See more...)
Compare Details The student/teacher ratio at Waterford Montessori Academy is 17.1. (See more...)
Compare Waterford Montessori Academy employs 14.7 full-time teachers.
Map of Waterford Montessori Academy
Schooldigger 2019 Rankings:

Waterford Montessori Academy:

SchoolDigger ranks Waterford Montessori Academy 1015th of 1407 Michigan public elementary schools. (See Waterford Montessori Academy in the ranking list.)

Waterford Montessori Academy:

SchoolDigger ranks Waterford Montessori Academy 198th of 598 Michigan school districts. (See district ranking list.)

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Rank History for Waterford Montessori Academy

Year Avg Standard Score Statewide Rank Total # Ranked Elementary Schools MI State Percentile SchoolDigger Rating
2015 61.67 590th 1580 62.7%
2016 49.59 805th 1548 48.0%
2017 48.85 705th 1466 51.9%
2018 50.20 789th 1448 45.5%
2019 27.33 1015th 1407 27.9%

Data source: test scores: Michigan Department of Education, rankings: SchoolDigger.com

Waterford Montessori Academy Test Scores
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Data source: Michigan Department of Education

Review counts

All ratings (Avg rating: 3.6)






by a parent
Friday, May 10, 2019

Open Quote The ratings on this website are not a fair representation of this school. My child is completing his first year at WMA, and it has been a wonderful experience. His reading and math skills are far above average, and the school provides a wonderful community for teacher, administrative, and parent communication. The montessori program is a different approach to learning than the public school setting, and we feel our child is thriving here. Class sizes are appropriate, and our child has fun learning. We are happy at this school and look forward to enrolling our second child inn the near future. Close Quote

by a parent
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Open Quote Has an ok curriculum for lower elementary. Class rooms are clean and follow standard Montessori learning environment. School overall was disorganized and management of school did not seem to be accountable for parents concerns. I would rate this similar to an average public school. The small size classroom learning environment was good. The program is big on independence of the child and self learning. Close Quote

by a parent
Sunday, May 13, 2018

Open Quote Better hope your child doesn't require any extra assistance. My child needed some extra help in kindergarten. Instead was ostracized from the group, made to color all day so the teacher didn't have to put forth an effort. It was recommended my child get tested for sensory issues and autism. The whole time feeling like we were bad parents. Turns out they are just bad teachers. We pulled our child out and inserted him in public school where he now thrives. Just be aware that if your child isn't perfect the school will single him out and make you feel helpless about their situation. Close Quote

by a parent
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Open Quote Top 4 Montessori schools in the state of Michigan! Close Quote

by a parent
Sunday, September 3, 2017

Open Quote Enrollment is up, parents are happy, scores are good and the children are excelling! Close Quote

by a parent
Monday, January 16, 2017

Open Quote This school is everything but Montessori. They have Montessori materials and a management company which includes the name Montessori, but that's as far as it extends.

Authoritarian comes to mind, as a much more accurate representation of how the school functions, not a educational philosophy (Montessori) that is child-centric and has respect for the child at its heart not a building full of adults who are dedicated to teaching children to love learning!

A bullying problem exists, which isn't surprising based on how certain staff members respond to the children.

Recess withholding, severe rules and restrictions (at recess kids are not allowed to play chase, jump off things, push each other on swings, pick up nature), physical exercise is used as punishment, teachers threatening to make students uncomfortable if they don't comply, delayed punishments, detention after school for unfinished or missed homework (which the school admits is solely to acclimate he kids with state test questions) - this includes grades 1-3! This last policy stated that the school would text parents to let them know if their child would have to stay after school because of missed or incomplete homework.

The school director, when asked why disciplinary measures that were outside and contrary to the discipline code in the school handbook, stated he'd only just found out, and then blamed "new, inexperienced, frustrated teachers," yet, weeks later, physical exercise and threats were still occurring.

If you're looking for a Montessori school, as we were - run. If you're hoping, as we were, for an improvement over local schools, a smaller school, and caring, involved and supportive teachers - run.

I must also say, although it has been shown hat parent involvement improves student outcomes and school success, this school does everything possible to keep parents as far away as possible. There are "certain" parents allowed through this barrier, but most have "been there from the beginning," or have some connection to a board member or the owner(s). Also, it should be mentioned that the school owner, also owns the management company, which resides in the building. PVG group is operated BY the school, funding is all managed by the school and the fundraising is all expected to come from parents - enough so that they may as well ask for tuition. Close Quote

Enrollment information for Waterford Montessori Academy

Year White African American Asian Hispanic American Indian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Not Specified Total
2014 77 2 2 4 0 0 3 0 88
2015 136 1 3 8 0 0 10 0 158
2016 175 2 4 12 0 0 8 0 201
2017 209 4 2 13 0 0 11 0 239
2018 221 4 2 12 0 0 14 0 253

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Enrollment/Ethnicity
For more information about how the Department of Education defines ethnicity, see Defining Race and Ethnicity Data, National Center for Education Statistics

Students eligible for free or discounted lunch at Waterford Montessori Academy

Year # Students Full-time Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2014 88 5.0 17.6 11.4
2015 158 8.0 19.7 10.8
2016 201 10.0 20.1 20.4
2017 239 12.8 18.5 15.1
2018 253 14.7 17.1 28.9

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Students eligible for discounted/free lunch
For information about the National School Lunch Program, see the USDA Website

Student/Teacher Ratio Waterford Montessori Academy

Year # Students Full-time Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2014 88 5.0 17.6 11.4
2015 158 8.0 19.7 10.8
2016 201 10.0 20.1 20.4
2017 239 12.8 18.5 15.1
2018 253 14.7 17.1 28.9

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Student-Teacher Ratio
Student/teacher ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers. Please note that a smaller student/teacher ratio does not necessarily translate to smaller class size. In some instances, schools hire teachers part time, and some teachers are hired for specialized instruction with very small class sizes. These and other factors contribute to the student/teacher ratio. Note: For private schools, Student/teacher ratio may not include Pre-Kindergarten.

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