Hamza Academy

Private, Islamic, PK, KG-5

 202 Stuart Ave
       Valley Stream, NY  11580

(516) 285-1440

Student/teacher ratio:  4.6 Help
Number of students:  94

Racial breakdown:

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by a teacher
Monday, August 27, 2012

Open Quote I did not know anyone, including the principal when I was hired by Hamza Academy in 2010. But we worked for love and sake of Allah. I hold a Master's degree and NYS Initial Certification, B.S.- Elementary Education, A.S.- Teacher Education, A.A.S.- from F.I.T.

It was only after 6 months, did I find out that one of the administrators taught my oldest daughter when she was only 2 years old. 28 years back, I illustrated a lil Muslim nursery book for the Admin who was then a teacher at the first Islamic school in Queens. The Admin finally noticed that the author's name on the book was the same name on the payroll, mine.(big smile) This is the beauty, grace and might of Islam!

My experience with the students at Hamza Academy was phenomenal! Glory be to the One God, Creator of the Heavens and Earth! It is He, Allah, that evolves mankind from one stage of development to the next. Allah provides many doors of I'lm (knowledge) for His seekers. If a family is fortunate to have their child/children study at Hamza Academy, it is a special Ni'mat (loan, favor, & blessing) from Allah.

Regardless of where the child receives his or her formal education, it is the responsibility of the parent to supplement the child's Islamic education from the home first. Mother is the child's first teacher and the child's foundation. Mother is the "hand that rocks the cradle,and as such rules the world." Thus, the role of women in Al- Islam is honorable, respected and important. There a many other Islamic educational opportunities for children at the Hamza Masjid community through the after-school and weekend programs.

Every child comes with a foundation of skills and sometimes the child's foundation has to be met by other skilled professional educators in order for them to grow naturally. Such widely funded public school programs as Special Education(which includes gifted and talented students) and ESL(English as a Second Language) helps to meet the child's academic needs. Each one of our children is a special flower and they will grow in the right soil and with the right nutriments.

The beauty of Allah's world is vast. Allah's world is expansive out of His mercy to mankind. We come from different parts of the world, yet, we end up living in the Queens/Long Island area. This is part of Allah's diversity in creation, and so that Believer is not burdened, put into difficulty or hardship.

My Hamza students were well mannered, well cultured, refine, heart loving, generous, dedicated, talented, they worked hard, played hard, went back to the drawing board when necessary, did their homework, studied, excelled in research, full of pride in projects, loved reading, math and science, current events, talking, made me laugh and smile, creative users of technology, sophisticated and most of all they had the love of ISLAM in their HEARTS. They are the gems of Islamic leadership for the future.

It was a blessing to have served the students at Hamza Academy and their families.
May Allah's Peace and Blessing be Upon You All, Always!

Your Sister in Al Islam Close Quote

by a parent
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Open Quote Because this is an Islamic school I cannot freely say what I want and what my children experienced. Please listen to the other parent and just ask around before you put your child here. I found out that none of the neighborhoods muslim children attend this school. They travel out to other private islamic schools in Queens and LI. The students attending Hamza Academy are the children of the masjid board members, doctors (who donate large amounts), friends of princaple and the teachers children. Also, they tell parents they are affiliated with Elmont School District. I called the district and found out this school is not affiliated AT ALL with Elmont. Elmont only provides bus service! So before you register and let them convince you, like they convinced me and other innocent parents, please do some research. Where did this princaple come from, who the teachers. The teachers are friends of the princaple from her previous job. Very Sad! Close Quote

by a parent
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Open Quote If you're thinking about putting your child in this school, I strongly suggest you ask the fellow muslim neighbors and muslim community if the school is good enough. They are the only people that actually know what goes on with the school and masjid. Close Quote

Enrollment information for Hamza Academy

Year White African American Asian Hispanic American Indian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Not Specified Total
2008 0 1 70 0 0 n/a n/a 17 88
2010 0 2 59 0 0 0 1 16 78
2012 3 10 60 0 0 0 0 18 91
2014 5 5 50 2 0 0 0 34 96
2016 7 7 64 3 0 0 0 35 116
2018 5 6 78 2 0 0 21 30 142
2020 4 1 47 0 0 0 3 19 74
2022 6 4 67 0 0 0 2 15 94

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Enrollment/Ethnicity

For more information about how the Department of Education defines ethnicity, see Defining Race and Ethnicity Data, National Center for Education Statistics

Student/Teacher Ratio Hamza Academy

Year # Students Full-time Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2008 88 17.3 4.1 n/a
2010 78 9.9 6.2 n/a
2012 91 8.9 8.2 n/a
2014 96 8.8 7.0 n/a
2016 116 15.6 5.1 n/a
2018 142 7.0 16.0 n/a
2020 74 8.8 6.2 n/a
2022 94 16.9 4.6 n/a

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Student-Teacher Ratio

Student/teacher ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers. Please note that a smaller student/teacher ratio does not necessarily translate to smaller class size. In some instances, schools hire teachers part time, and some teachers are hired for specialized instruction with very small class sizes. These and other factors contribute to the student/teacher ratio. Note: For private schools, Student/teacher ratio may not include Pre-Kindergarten.

Immunization Rates

Hamza Academy

YearCompletely ImmunizedReligious ExemptionMedical ExemptionPolioMeaslesMumpsRubellaDiphtheriaHepatitis BVaricella

Data source: New York State Department of Health

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Students at Hamza Academy are 71% Asian, 16% Not Specified, 6% White, 4% African American, 2% Two or more races.

In the 2021-22 school year, 94 students attended Hamza Academy.

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