Most Improved Iowa Elementary Schools

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3rd, 4th Grades Combined
IA Reading & IA Math
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DistrictCityLow GradeHigh GradeTotal students (2013)Student/ Teacher Ratio (2013)IA, avg Math (2014)IA, avg Reading (2014)IA CombinedRank Change From 2013
80Tri-Center Elementary SchoolTri-Center Community School DistrictNeolaPK0536713.186.189.9176.0
323Tri-County Elementary SchoolTri-County Community School DistrictThornburgPK0613716.078.874.2153.0
418Tripoli Elementary SchoolTripoli Community School DistrictTripoliPK0521610.370.065.8135.8
29Truman Elementary SchoolCedar Rapids Community School DistrictCedar RapidsKG0532414.495.586.4181.9
209Twin Cedars Elementary SchoolTwin Cedars Community School DistrictBusseyPK0621410.884.579.8164.3
76Underwood Elementary SchoolUnderwood Community School DistrictUnderwoodPK0534414.387.388.8176.1
287Unity Elementary SchoolSioux City Community School DistrictSioux CityPK0551114.780.076.3156.3
104Valerius Elementary SchoolUrbandale Community School DistrictUrbandale010524615.184.789.3174.0
287Valley ElementaryValley Community School DistrictElginPK0519512.591.065.3156.3
277Van Allen Elementary SchoolChariton Community School DistrictChariton030528713.979.878.5158.3
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About SchoolDigger rankings
  • Ranking updates are approximately yearly, usually the same day the Iowa Department of Education releases their test scores. Last update for Iowa was November 10, 2014.
  • Rankings are available for all Iowa public elementary, middle, and high schools that have published IA scores for the latest year. See the Ranking FAQ for more information about how ranks schools.
  • Rank is determined by adding each school's average IA Math score with the average IA Reading score to form a combined average score. The school with the highest combined score is ranked #1.
  • The values used in the IA columns are % proficient.
  • Source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and Iowa Department of Education

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