Liahona Preparatory Academy

Private, Latter Day Saints, PK, KG-12

 2464 W 450 S
       Pleasant Grove, UT  84062

 (801) 785-7850

Student/teacher ratio:  12.3
Number of students:  149

Racial breakdown:


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by a parent
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Open Quote I love the education our son has received. Not only has it been a quality education but socially and emotionally he has been able to soar through the sometimes awkward teen years. His teachers, the staff and the administrators care personally for him and have offered us amazing support as his parents. He has had smaller class sizes and opportunities to participate in sports and drams - activities he would have not otherwise done at maybe a larger High School. We love the ACT prep he gets. So grateful for the friends he has made and the education he has received. Close Quote

Facebook Profile Picture by a Facebook User (a parent on FaceBook)
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Open Quote Dissatisfaction for a school usually means there is a gap between the philosophy of the school and the patron. Parents considering placing their students at Liahona Academy should understand what it is and what it is not. These are my opinions, but hopefully they will be helpful to anyone considering placement at this school.

Liahona IS LDS-based. It is not endorsed by the LDS church, but it was founded by LDS people and bases it's principles and curriculum on LDS doctrines.

Liahona IS a family owned and operated business. Well, it just is! It is the reality of a big dream by an LDS couple and they own the school. It is their livelihood. Sometimes they employ members of their family. It's family owned!

Liahona IS NOT exclusive. Contrary to popular belief, private schools in general are not patronized mostly by the very wealthy and privileged. Liahona is no exception; Liahona families come from every economic background. The only common thread is their desire to provide a positive and successful education experience for their children. Well, that and they tend to all be LDS! Some of these families make enormous personal sacrifices to make it happen. Also, Liahona turns no student away based on academic ability. They believe that every student learns differently and shouldn't be punished or singled out for learning "outside of the box". Parents are welcome and expected to work with teachers to adjust the curriculum for their students' needs.

Liahona IS NOT a well-oiled, all-inclusive educating machine. Liahona is not a machine or a system where parents can simply send their children to get their one-size-fits-all education for their children. It is a tool that can be used by parents in their responsibility to educate their children. Liahona sees the parent as the expert, and therefore the director of their own child's education. When it is viewed and used as a resource, it is a very effective and precious one.

Liahona IS NOT childcare. Many of our public schools struggle under a mountain of regulations and unnecessary limitations which make it extremely difficult to provide much more than simply a place for children to go for 30-40 hours a week. Liahona is teaching intensive and spends only the time necessary to teach skills and principles. In about 50 less days a year and about 10 less hours a week than their public school counterparts, Liahona is often one of the top scoring schools in the state (including private schools) for ACT scores.

Liahona IS NOT all that expensive. It has one of the lowest tuition costs around for a private school.

Liahona IS warm and friendly. With less than 200 students at the academy and a very aggressive anti-bullying policy (pro-compassion), parents can expect a safe environment for their children where friends are made easily.

Liahona IS a good school. In an an environment where everyone is up in arms about all the things that are currently wrong with our education system, it is wonderful when someone just walks away from the insanity and creates something that is right. The word I use the most to describe my experience as a parent coming to Liahona from public education is LIBERATING! Close Quote

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Open Quote I had three children go from the beginning of the program to graduation. Each year their ACT scores were the top in the state. I was impressed that they stuck to important subjects and mastered the basics that would prepare them for college. Every student I ever talked to who has graduated from Liahona, including my own children, have said that their college classes were so much easier than they thought they would be after attending Liahona. Their English instructor also taught at UVU, and therefore taught the kids what she knew that kids were not getting in high school that they needed to know in order to succeed in college. Liahona students seldom have had problems getting into college. I have been so impressed with the quality of education and the enthusiasm my children have shown for learning in their faith based institution. I especially loved that because it was a private institution they could be selective on the quality of students and parents my children were surrounded by and associating with. I loved when my children would be excited about what they were learning about and want to discuss it at home around the dinner table. My children were sad to leave because they had become so attached to their teachers there, who really do care about them. I recommend this institution to everyone who cares about their children getting the best education possible that would prepare them not only for college, but for real life as well. Close Quote

by a parent
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Open Quote Obviously someone has a bone to pick with Liahona, but our experience has been wonderful. Maybe their student was expelled or something, because Liahona does have a strict dress and behavior policy. Our daughter has attended Liahona for 4 years and loves it. Last year they had the highest ACT composite scores in Utah County for any private or public school so their educational ideas are working. We think they have the best teachers ever. My daughter now loves to learn thanks to those teachers and since classes are filmed, she can make up any class she misses. I love that LDS gospel principles are re-enforced with their academics. We have had nothing but positive experiences with Liahona. Close Quote

by a parent
Monday, September 19, 2011

Open Quote This private school is a business although they try to wrap it up in a LDS gospel centered package. There is rampant nepotism; the principal is married to the history teacher, the soccer coach is their son and their daughter-in-law is the cheer coach. They also have a son that teaches Spanish. There is a great deal of drama at the school that seems to be encouraged by the currant administration. They are very unprofessional and often don't return phone calls for weeks at a time unless you camp out at the offices. Don't trust your children's education to these people, you will truly regret it. Close Quote

by a parent
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Open Quote There is not enough school background they teach to your children to go to college. There owners that own the school bring to much drama to the school, they gossip allot about other parents and students which most of it is not true which takes away from the whole learning exsperience. Way over price for what they are teaching your children they really are just in it for the money not the teaching of your children as are they in it for the money on there sold called Super trips. You would be wasting your time going to this school. You can find much better for the money. Close Quote

Enrollment information for Liahona Preparatory Academy

Year White African American Asian Hispanic American Indian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Not Specified Total
2008 0 0 0 0 0 n/a n/a 146 146
2010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 181 181
2012 183 3 4 26 0 2 0 7 225
2014 89 4 1 4 2 0 0 0 100
2016 84 3 2 4 0 0 1 0 94
2018 133 1 3 8 0 1 0 3 149

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Enrollment/Ethnicity
For more information about how the Department of Education defines ethnicity, see Defining Race and Ethnicity Data, National Center for Education Statistics

Student/Teacher Ratio Liahona Preparatory Academy

Year # Students Full-time Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2008 146 8.9 16.4 n/a
2010 181 14.0 12.5 n/a
2012 225 11.1 19.6 n/a
2014 100 8.4 11.9 n/a
2016 94 7.8 12.0 n/a
2018 149 11.8 12.3 n/a

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Student-Teacher Ratio
Student/teacher ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers. Please note that a smaller student/teacher ratio does not necessarily translate to smaller class size. In some instances, schools hire teachers part time, and some teachers are hired for specialized instruction with very small class sizes. These and other factors contribute to the student/teacher ratio. Note: For private schools, Student/teacher ratio may not include Pre-Kindergarten.

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