Kennesaw Charter School

Public, Charter K-5

 3010 Cobb Pkwy NW
       Kennesaw, GA  30152

 (678) 290-9628

District: Cobb County

SchoolDigger Rank:
366th of 1,209 Georgia Elementary Schools

Student/teacher ratio:  15.7
Number of students:  826

Racial breakdown:

African American:

Free/discounted lunch recipients:  30.8%

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Performance Trends
Compare Details In 2018, Kennesaw Charter School ranked better than 69.7% of elementary schools in Georgia. It also ranked 33rd among 65 ranked elementary schools in the Cobb County School District. (See more...)
Compare Details In 2018 the calculated Average Standard Score was 66.07. (See more...)
Student Body
Compare Details Racial makeup is: African American (52.8%), White (23.7%), Hispanic (11.9%). (See more...)
Compare Details 30.8% of students are receiving a free or discounted lunch. (See more...)
Compare Details The student/teacher ratio at Kennesaw Charter School is 15.7. 63 elementary schools in the Cobb County School District have better student/teacher ratios. (See more...)
Compare Kennesaw Charter School employs 52.5 full-time teachers.
Map of Kennesaw Charter School
Schooldigger 2018 Rankings:

Kennesaw Charter School:

SchoolDigger ranks Kennesaw Charter School 366th of 1209 Georgia public elementary schools. (See Kennesaw Charter School in the ranking list.)

Cobb County:

SchoolDigger ranks Cobb County 43rd of 182 Georgia school districts. (See district ranking list.)

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Rank History for Kennesaw Charter School

Year Avg Standard Score Statewide Rank Total # Ranked Elementary Schools GA State Percentile SchoolDigger Rating
2006 79.36 168th 1101 84.7%
2007 65.48 413th 1125 63.3%
2008 62.58 454th 1134 60.0%
2009 70.19 331st 1133 70.8%
2010 82.34 151st 1183 87.2%
2011 72.27 358th 1212 70.5%
2012 77.22 243rd 1201 79.8%
2013 74.80 300th 1225 75.5%
2014 73.21 332nd 1231 73.0%
2015 66.74 344th 1240 72.3%
2016 62.91 399th 1233 67.6%
2017 70.70 303rd 1205 74.9%
2018 66.07 366th 1209 69.7%

Data source: test scores: Georgia Department of Education, rankings:

Kennesaw Charter School Test Scores
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State Scores: 

Data source: Georgia Department of Education

Review counts

All ratings (Avg rating: 3.2)






by a parent
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Open Quote The school is in chaos with 4 different principals in 3 years. Great teachers have left during the school year as well. Close Quote

by a parent
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Open Quote This school is absolutely falling apart! Teachers being fired, classes being consolidated mid-year, front office staff changes, and yet another new principal. There have been problems for years but it looked slightly positive for one year and now it's even further down the toilet. Any local public school would be better! If you value your child's education do not apply to KCSMA. Close Quote

by a parent
Saturday, August 4, 2018

Open Quote This is our third year at Kennesaw Charter & we are excited to be a part of it! Our first year at KCSMA was under the administration of principal Frey & honestly the school was struggling BUT then Dr McNealey became the new principal last year & it was exactly what the school needed. Yes, there has been some turnover of teachers but that is because he has been holding his teachers accountable & weeding out the negative. He also spends time in the classrooms actually observing & providing feedback for improvement. He has a great vision for the school, he is very open to meeting with parents & has addressed our concern (poor communication from a teacher was ours) he then paired us with a teacher that was an AMAZING communicator. Best teacher ever! The poor communicator is no longer there. Change takes time but he is making it happen:) The school has MANY offerings for extra-curriculars after school (garden club, cooking, robotics, soccer, dance, many more). They get to practice interview skills for volunteer jobs at school, create their own business...My kids admitted to me they were having so much fun at school last year & they would come home excited to tell me things that they learned. I would receive pictures from the teachers multiple times per week engaged in class projects. A teacher even sent me my daughter's entire presentation on video (which she worked so hard on) from start to finish!! KCSMA is an amazing school, not perfect, but neither was the public school we started at with a very high rating on these websites. KCSMA has been a much better experience for my kiddos. It has a small community feel, the staff seem to know all of the kids names. We have met some amazing parents who are now our great friends outside of school. LOVE the uniforms (they are very flexible where you purchase them from which makes it cost effective). They do great job of prepping kiddos for middle school with switching teachers in 4th grade & lockers are added in 5th grade. No matter what school you go to you have to do your part as a parent to create a positive experience. With all online reviews tread lightly on what you read...keep in my mind there are always 2 sides to every story. Some parents are totally justified in their rants & some are expecting the to drop off their kid at school with no parent involvement & expect to pick up the perfect child. Under the new administration I am proud to say my kids go to KCSMA! Whatever school you go to I hope it is the right fit for your kiddo, that is the most important! Close Quote

by a parent
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Open Quote The other reviews on KCSMA are old reviews and do not give an accurate picture of this school at all. Yes, KCSMA does encourage parents to be involved, so if you don't want to participate in your child's education, then KCSMA isn't for you. In terms of "being hounded for donations".....several of my friends have kids in traditional public schools who are asked for donations just as frequently (if not more) than I am, and traditional schools receive more government funding than charter schools. In my opinion, KCSMA is an amazing charter school that encourages interaction between children, the teachers, the administration, parents, and the community as a whole. In 2017 they hired a new principal who has been a tremendous asset. Dr. McNealy has been very involved with the students and has implemented several positive changes. The teachers at KCSMA work there because they care about the mission and values of the school (because honestly they could make more money at a traditional public school). Communication between teachers and parents is excellent - I always know exactly what is going on and what my children are learning each week. KCSMA offers many additional programs and activities outside of traditional classwork - the kids plant and maintain school gardens, they can be "hired" to work for Charter Town (where they earn "money" for purchases), they have fun and exciting specials (Mr. Donnelly, the science special teacher, and Mrs. Beeler, the librarian are both WONDERFUL), and the school offers STEM family nights quarterly. In addition to academics, KCSMA fosters a strong sense of community between their students and encourages personal growth. I could not be a happier parent! I have 3 years of experience with this school and 2 children enrolled at KCSMA. If they could write a review online, they would give their school a 100! Close Quote

by a parent
Sunday, February 12, 2017

Open Quote I truly regret sending my children to this school. I feel that so much time has been waisted in an unorganized school with apathetic teachers who are allowed to bully the students. The principal and administration staff is a big fat joke. If you have a choice, steer clear! Close Quote

by a parent
Monday, January 30, 2017

Open Quote I honestly wish there was a way to give this school a zero. The negative reviews about this school are very true. My child currently attends this school and I cannot wait until the end of the school year to get him out. The experience has been horrible from lack of communication to lack of qualified individuals leading these children to success. It's saddening and disheartening. I saw my child go from being confident to confused. When I reached out to teachers to find out about what exactly is being taught, I got no response. When I scheduled a meeting - the principal had the audacity to not be present. At any given moment, I encourage current parents of students at this school to just show will be surprised to learn that no one in a leadership role (i.e. Principal or assistant principal is ever actually there)....they are probably out running personal errands since this school is indepently ran...they essentially don't need to follow the county rules. Do yourself a favor and get your child enrolled in a school that is supported by the county, the curriculum is richer, you won't get hounded for donations, and your child will actually LEARN. We feel like we wasted a year here sending our child to this 'daycare' because that is essentially what it is. The turnover rate is high and they constantly have an 'enrolling now' sign at the front. How many legit elementary schools need to 'advertise' themselves? Teachers and administration are clueless, unqualified, and fearless because they do not report to the county. County rules and regulations don't apply to them. This school needs to be shut down. It is an embarrassment to the community. Close Quote

by a parent
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open Quote Teachers are wonderful and really care about the children. Close Quote

by a parent
Monday, October 4, 2010

Open Quote this school offers class sizes of 18 or less for Kindergarden with two teachers in each classroom... Close Quote

Enrollment information for Kennesaw Charter School

Year White African American Asian Hispanic American Indian Pacific Islander Two or More Races Not Specified Total
2004 233 123 11 16 0 n/a n/a 0 383
2005 234 128 18 21 3 n/a n/a 17 421
2006 229 143 26 19 2 n/a n/a 28 447
2007 237 211 39 23 4 n/a n/a 40 554
2008 219 203 42 21 3 n/a n/a 45 533
2009 175 224 42 22 4 n/a n/a 31 498
2010 132 241 36 29 6 0 0 0 444
2011 174 259 40 31 4 0 20 0 528
2012 193 274 50 32 5 2 33 0 589
2013 305 332 42 80 6 2 43 0 810
2014 286 404 41 78 6 2 53 0 870
2015 280 428 48 83 5 1 45 0 890
2016 245 419 54 89 2 0 45 0 854
2017 196 436 43 98 3 0 50 0 826

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Enrollment/Ethnicity
For more information about how the Department of Education defines ethnicity, see Defining Race and Ethnicity Data, National Center for Education Statistics

Students eligible for free or discounted lunch at Kennesaw Charter School

Year # Students Fulltime Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2004 383 22.5 17.0 0.0
2005 421 31.0 13.6 0.0
2006 447 29.0 15.4 0.0
2007 554 36.0 15.4 0.0
2008 533 36.0 14.8 0.0
2009 498 44.0 11.3 12.2
2010 444 38.0 11.6 17.3
2011 528 46.0 11.4 21.6
2012 589 45.0 13.0 23.4
2013 810 52.5 15.4 23.7
2014 870 62.0 14.0 27.2
2015 890 56.0 15.8 28.5
2016 854 52.0 16.4 28.2
2017 826 52.5 15.7 30.8

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Students eligible for discounted/free lunch
For information about the National School Lunch Program, see the USDA Website

Student/Teacher Ratio Kennesaw Charter School

Year # Students Fulltime Teachers Student/Teacher ratio % Free/Discounted Lunch
2004 383 22.5 17.0 0.0
2005 421 31.0 13.6 0.0
2006 447 29.0 15.4 0.0
2007 554 36.0 15.4 0.0
2008 533 36.0 14.8 0.0
2009 498 44.0 11.3 12.2
2010 444 38.0 11.6 17.3
2011 528 46.0 11.4 21.6
2012 589 45.0 13.0 23.4
2013 810 52.5 15.4 23.7
2014 870 62.0 14.0 27.2
2015 890 56.0 15.8 28.5
2016 854 52.0 16.4 28.2
2017 826 52.5 15.7 30.8

Data source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education.

About Student-Teacher Ratio
Student/teacher ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of students by the total number of full-time equivalent teachers. Please note that a smaller student/teacher ratio does not necessarily translate to smaller class size. In some instances, schools hire teachers part time, and some teachers are hired for specialized instruction with very small class sizes. These and other factors contribute to the student/teacher ratio. Note: For private schools, Student/teacher ratio may not include Pre-Kindergarten.

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SchoolDigger data sources: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Georgia Department of Education.

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