Most Improved North Dakota Elementary Schools

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4th Grade
NDSA Mathematics & NDSA Reading
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Rank (of 197)
DistrictCityLow GradeHigh GradeTotal students (2013)Student/ Teacher Ratio (2013)NDSA, avg Mathematics (2014)NDSA, avg Reading (2014)NDSA CombinedRank Change From 2013
190Edwin Loe Elementary SchoolNew Town 1New TownPK0538311.138.751.690.3
179Eight Mile Elementary SchoolEight Mile 6TrentonKG0812610.171.450.0121.4
76Ellendale Elementary SchoolEllendale 40EllendalePK061508.185.080.0165.0
40Enderlin Area Elementary SchoolEnderlin Area 24EnderlinKG0616312.289.385.7175.0
39Fairmount Elementary SchoolFairmount 18FairmountKG06628.8>= 9580.0>= 175N/A
34Fessenden-Bowdon Elementary SchoolFessenden-Bowdon 25FessendenPK0810110.684.692.3176.9
155Flasher Elementary SchoolFlasher 39FlasherKG069111.370.664.7135.3
71Freedom Elementary SchoolWest Fargo 6West Fargo010556816.485.580.9166.4
127Ft Lincoln Elementary SchoolMandan 1MandanPK0542515.776.572.1148.6
120Gackle-Streeter Elementary SchoolGackle-Streeter 56GacklePK08687.070.080.0150.0N/A
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About SchoolDigger rankings
  • Ranking updates are approximately yearly, usually the same day the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction releases their test scores. Last update for North Dakota was July 23, 2014.
  • Rankings are available for all North Dakota public elementary, middle, and high schools that have published NDSA scores for the latest year. See the Ranking FAQ for more information about how ranks schools.
  • Rank is determined by adding each school's average NDSA Mathematics score with the average NDSA Reading score to form a combined average score. The school with the highest combined score is ranked #1.
  • The values used in the NDSA columns are % proficient.
  • Source: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

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