Missouri School District Rankings

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Missouri School District Rankings

Rank (of 535)District# Students# Ranked Elementary Schools# Ranked Middle Schools# Ranked High SchoolsRank score*
51Skyline R-II1011000.806
52Leopold R-III1871010.806
53Festus R-VI30450110.806
54Park Hill104199220.802
55Southern Boone County R-I15051110.801
57Wellington-Napoleon R-IX4001010.799
58Higbee R-VIII2411010.798
59Oak Ridge R-VI3321010.798
60Parkway C-21736318550.797

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Source:  National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Dept of Education, and Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

* Rank score is determined by averaging the ranks of the individual schools within each district. For more information, see our Ranking FAQ.

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